Bluestone PIM release 42

July 6th, 2022 - Highlights

New features

  • Products: New tab in product details for 'Product Issues,' covering both 'Completeness requirements' and 'Other validations.'
  • Products: Product information is validated on-the-fly when updated, making the synchronization and publishing process quicker.
  • Filters: Added 'Errors' section for fetching products with/without validation issues.
  • PPE: Added the possibility for PPE users to export product data.

  • CSV/Excel export: Added possibility to export 'Product type.'

  • CSV/Excel export: All categories linked to a product are exported.
  • Import: Allowing export and import of two-way relations.
  • History: Included old value for updates.


  • Documentation: Article-based documentation is available directly from the Help menu in PIM. 
  • Live chat: Improved status presentation. Your request is automatically registered as a support ticket when a consultant is unavailable online.
  • Import: Review page improvements.