Bluestone PIM release 44

September 26th, 2022 - Highlights

New features

  • Products: Introduced thumbnails in grid.
  • Dashboard: Added possibility to load results from Product Statistic Chart pies.
  • PPE: Introduced zoom function for assets.
  • PPE: Added possibility to add labels to assets.
  • API: New endpoint for showing product filtered by id with view;
    POST /products/{id}/get/views.


  • Products: Redesigned grid and product details panel.
  • CSV/Excel Import: Improved summary.
  • CSV/Excel Export: Support exporting categories by numbers.
  • Attributes: It will no longer be possible to create attributes of type 'Duration'.
  • API: Deprecated endpoint; DELETE /definitions/dictionary/{id}.
    DELETE /definitions/{id} can be used instead.
  • API: Now we support updating up to 100 dictionary values per product.
  • PDF generator: Improved preview.