Bluestone PIM release 47

February 1st, 2023 - Highlights

New features

  • Products: Redesigned Basic Filters. ⚠️ Only available in the Test environment ⚠️
  • Product Attributes tab: Added one-column view types for expanded panel.
  • Access management: Added separate permissions for editing product meta data.
  • Grammarly plugin: When having installed the Grammarly plugin, it's possible to check spelling/grammar in all texts entered in PIM and replace text based on suggestions from Grammarly.


  • Products: The expanded Details panel has been maximized.
  • Products - Relations: Improved the sorting speed in the Relations tab.
  • Products - Query Builder: Added possibility to use 'some/none of these' operators for single-select attributes.
  • Dashboard: Added possibility to select saved Query for Product Analysis Box View.
  • Categories: Improved speed of CLA propagation.
  • PDF template: Added support for variant group attributes.
  • PDF template: Added support for dictionary attributes.


  • Products Filter: Made it possible to filter by 2 characters only.
  • Query Builder: Made it possible to query by 2 characters only.
  • PPE Filter: When filtering on several Multiselect or Dictionary attributes, now only one of the entered values need to match to get a hit.
  • API: When creating new attribute definitions, name uniqueness is validated by default. If name is not unique, request is denied. There is an option to skip name uniqueness validation in the request.