Bluestone PIM release 48

March 13th, 2023 - Highlights

New features

  • Products: Redesigned Basic Filters.
  • Query builder: Added possibility to search for products within the preview page.
  • Saved views: Added possibility to link saved column setup.
  • Rules engine: Broken rules are now detected and automatically deactivated.
  • PPE: Variants and products in bundles can now be handled individually through a workflow.
  • PPE: Completed status for linked products can be seen when hovering over the status of a variant group/bundle.


  • Products: New design of the 'Assign assets to product' page.
  • Products: Increased size of the magnifying glass.
  • Products: Made it possible to move zoomed image.
  • Products: Added support for bulk actions 'Export' and 'Change status' when selecting all products based on a query.
  • Saved views: Broken saved query views are now detected.
  • Query builder: Improved paging in preview page.
  • Query builder: Added 'some/none of these' operators for Number.
  • Query builder: Added 'some/none of these' operators for Integer attributes.
  • Dashboard widgets: Saved views are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Dashboard widgets: Added possibility to search for saved view.
  • Dashboard: Now it's possible to select saved queries for 'Product Analysis List View' widgets.
  • PPE: Made it possible to restrict access to editing product metadata (Number, Description).