Bluestone PIM Release 54

November 21st, 2023 - Highlights

New features

  • Query builder: We are now supporting operators 'value is defined' and 'value is not defined' when adding conditions for 'Name' and 'Description'.
  • Product Filters: Now it's possible to use operators 'value is defined' and 'value is not defined' when filtering by 'Name' and 'Description'.
  • Rules engine: You are now allowed to create a rule for removing attribute values.


  • Products: When navigating to a new product when the Attributes tab is open, the system remembers which attribute groups you have expanded/collapsed.
  • Products: The products grid is now loading faster.
  • Products: We have made it easier for users to see which attributes are editable and not.
  • Sync report: Improved presentation of product name and number.
  • Export: It's now possible for restricted users to export product data.


  • Bulk edit: The 'bulk edit attributes' feature has been redesigned.