Bluestone PIM Release 58

May 14th, 2024 - Highlights

NEW! The redesigned version of the Sync/Publish feature is available.
Please see Sync/publish product information for more information.

New features

  • AI enrich: Now you can use a product image as input to the AI engine, and enrich up to 5 attributes simultaneously.
  • Products: We have made it easier for you to find relevant assets from the Assign assets to product page. You can choose between three different view types; 'Tiles', 'Big tiles 'and 'List with thumbnails'. The two last ones present details about each asset:


  • Attributes: The color of single-/multi-select Color attribute values are now presented in UI:

  • Products: Now we are presenting the complete path to linked categories, including the ability to;
    • Click any part of the category path to navigate to it in the tree structure.
    • Copy the path as plain text including "/" as the delimiter.

  • Attributes: The size of Dictionary value pills is now dynamically adjusted according to contents and available space.
  • Product history: Text values are now presented uniformly.
  • Rules engine: Several UI improvements.
  • Rules engine: Added possibility to search for value in the 'Product query contains' filter:
  • System monitor: Redesigned notification pop-up. Example:


  • Products: Users can again double-click to edit a field in the products grid without the details panel opening.
  • Product PDF: We have now made sure that any updated attribute names are rendered when generating PDFs.