Overview of your settings

If you have System Admin permissions in your Bluestone PIM account, you can set up and configure key aspects of Bluestone PIM in Settings.


If you go to:

  • Access Management, gives you access to system resources, including specific attributes.
  • Asset Labels, you can create and manage labels for your assets.
  • Attributes, you can create, edit and remove attributes. 
  • Catalogs and categories, you can create and manage your catalogs and categories. 
  • Completeness Requirements, you can configure completeness requirements.
  • Default Dashboard, you can edit the default view for dashboards.
  • Languages,  you can add, change and remove languages.
  • Menu bar setup, you can personalize your main navigation menu. 
  • Notifications, you can configure when to receive notifications. 
  • Relations, you can create relations for products. 
  • Users, create and manage users, and the Personalized Product Editor (PPE).
  • Webhooks, you can create and edit webhook definitions. 

Get an overview of settings in the video below.