Media Service

You will get a link to any attached assets from the product information fetched. You may add GET parameters to manipulate what the asset should be converted to.

Please note: The conversion might take some seconds the first time, but it will be cached, and any further requests will be fast. 

The following transformation parameters can be used to retrieve manipulated image content.

Auto Gamma

Query Params: ag

Auto Level

Query Params: al


Query Params: cw:width, ch:height, cx:x offset, cy=y offset
At least cw is required to activate cropping.

File Format

Query Params: f
Remarks: The format of the picture transformation result. Possible values jpg, png, gif, webp. Default format jpg. 

Imagga Smart Crop

Query Params: scw: width, sch: height
Both scw and sch are required to activate smart cropping. Read more about smart cropping.


Query Params: w: width, h: height
At least one of two must be specified to activate any resizing. This will upscale the image if the original is smaller than the defined resize dimension, and it will not change the image ratio.

Set up custom subdomains

In 2024, as part of a broader initiative to enhance online privacy and security, major web browsers are discontinuing support for cross-domain cookies. This significant change is designed to address privacy concerns and offer a more transparent, secure web browsing experience. As a result, advertisers and website operators are shifting towards privacy-friendly alternatives.

If you use media from Bluestone PIM's media bank for your website. We fully support this. When you use media from our media bank, we serve it via CloudFront. This ensures quick loading times and efficient media delivery to your site.

To maintain this efficiency and independence from the domain, we advise creating a custom subdomain for each channel that uses media from

Create a ticket at Servicedesk, for help with setting up a custom asset domain.

Please Note: Utilizing media from our media bank counts towards your monthly data transfer quota, as outlined in your agreement. Exceeding this limit will incur additional charges based on the terms of your contract.

It is recommended to optimize the use of images so that they are not downloaded to clients larger than necessary, by using the transformation parameters available in the media service.

The Bluestone PIM API will always return URL as domain for all media. The structure is the following:<ORG.ID>/<PID>/<FILENAME>?<PARAMETERS>


Developers on external websites can then replace the first part of the URL (Base URL) with the enabled custom domain like below, and the media will then be served from their own domain:<ORG.ID>/<PID>/<FILENAME>?<PARAMETERS>

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