Overview of key components

Bluestone PIM has an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to navigate through the platform and perform various tasks easily. The different panels provide a clear view of the products, tasks, rules, or other relevant information.

GUI and panels

The GUI is divided into four main sections:

  1. Menu: This section serves as your navigation hub and is always present.

  2. Left Panel: The left panel provides easy access to features like Category Structure, Filters, and Saved Views.

  3. Main Panel: This central area displays the "product grid" where your products are listed.

  4. Details Panel (Right Panel): When you select a product in the grid, the details panel on the right provides a centralized view of all information related to that product, including attributes, categories, relationships, product issues, assets, tasks, history, language, and more.

Not all panels are displayed at all times, but the main menu is consistently present.

In the production environment, the main menu is highlighted in blue, while in the test environment, it appears in dark grey with TEST.

Products Page

Products take center stage in a PIM, and Bluestone PIM's main panel displays the product grid where your products are listed, either with or without assets showing.

The details panel:

When you select a product from the grid, the details panel on the right presents a comprehensive view of all information associated with that product. This includes attributes, categories, relationships, product issues, assets, tasks, history, language settings, and more. This organized information is accessible through various tabs, for easy access.

The left panel:

In the Left Panel, you can add and manage categories, adjust category structures, apply filters for product searches, and access saved views for quick retrieval of specific criteria. It's your go-to toolbox for efficient product data navigation and organization.

Product statuses

The product status is a crucial indicator of the product's information availability and publication status.

Products in Bluestone PIM can have different statuses:

Newly created products start in the Draft status, and only published products (either Published or On Hold) are accessible via the Public API. Keep in mind that products cannot be deleted, only archived. If an archived product is reactivated (set to Draft status), it might receive a new product number if the existing number is already in use by an active product.

Publish sync

To make products available through the Public API or remove them from it, you need to perform a Publish Sync operation. This operation facilitates publishing and unpublishing products efficiently.

Column setup, Browsing setting, and View type

There are ways to customize the way you can view the products in the grid. In the top right corner of the grid, there are three icons:

Bluestone PIM offers customization options for viewing products in the grid. In the top right corner of the grid, you'll find three icons:

  • Column Setup: Configure which product data you want to see in the grid. Save multiple column setups and easily switch between them.
  • Browser Settings: Change how products are displayed. "List Products Recursively" allows you to see products in subcategories when navigating a category. Turning it off shows only products associated with a specific category.
  • View Types: Choose between different view types for products in the grid, with or without thumbnail images.

Product templates

If you frequently create products with similar attributes and data, you can create a template from an existing product. This template serves as a reference, allowing you to easily create new products with the same configuration. Any changes made to the original product are reflected in new products created from the template.

Existing products created from the template remain unaffected by changes in the template.

Grid Action/Bulk Edit

Bluestone PIM offers a range of bulk actions to efficiently manage your products. These actions enable you to perform multiple tasks on a large number of products simultaneously, saving you time and effort. Access to bulk actions depends on your permissions within Bluestone PIM.

The available bulk actions include:

  • Change Product Status
  • Export
  • Edit Categories
  • Edit Attributes
  • Create Variant Group
  • Add Labels
  • Add Task
  • Add to Next Sync
  • Generate PDF

The specific actions available depend on the product type and your permissions. While there are no limits on status updates, other bulk operations may have restrictions, and they occur asynchronously.