Webhooks management

You can manage webhooks if you have the System Admin or PIM Admin role. 


Add a webhook    Edit a webhook    Delete a webhook

Webhook event types 


External systems can be notified about relevant events in Bluestone PIM via webhooks. Selected event notifications are posted to the given external URL.

Select Settings | Webhooks from the main navigation bar to get an overview and manage your webhooks.

You can easily enable/disable a webhook directly from the grid by using the toggle in the Enabled column.

Add a webhook

Edit a webhook

To make changes to an existing webhook configuration, hover the relevant webhook from the grid and select Edit from the 3-dots menu:

Edit according to your needs and click Save when you are done. Please refer to Add a webhook for details.

Delete a webhook

To remove a webhook configuration, hover the relevant webhook from the grid and select Delete from the 3-dots menu:

Click Delete in the pop-up to confirm removal.


Webhook event types 

The different update events are categorized into sections. You can collapse/expand the sections to find the relevant events more easily.

Please refer to Webhook event types in MAPI for details on the contents of each notification.

Product updates

  • New product created
  • Product name changed
  • Product number changed
  • Product description changed
  • Product status changed
  • Product category changed (added, removed)
  • Product assets changed (assigned, unassigned)
  • Product relation changed (assigned, unassigned)
  • Product label changed (added, removed)
  • Attribute assigned to product
  • Attribute unassigned from product
  • Attribute value changed on product


  • Product added or removed from variant group
  • Product added or removed from bundle
  • Product quantity in bundle changed

Catalog and category updates

  • New catalog/category added
  • Catalog/category name changed
  • Catalog/category number changed
  • Catalog/category description changed
  • Category moved to different parent category
  • Category reordered within parent catalog
  • Value of category level attribute changed (added, updated, removed)
  • Category deleted
  • Catalog archived

Other updates

  • New sync done
  • Plugin data changed

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