Use product bulk actions

If you have PIM admin, PIM Write, PIM Read, or System Admin permissions in your Bluestone PIM account, you can work with bulk actions. 

Change product status      Export      Edit categories    Edit attributes

Create variant group     Add labels    Add task


After importing products to your catalogs, you can enrich multiple products by using bulk actions. 
  • In your Bluestone PIM account, click the Products icon in the left main navigation bar.
  • You can use the filter or catalog and category structure to get a list of the products you want to edit.
  • Select products using the checkbox on the top left of the grid; you can deselect individual products by unchecking their boxes. Or manually select each product. 

  • Available bulk actions:

Change product status

You can easily change the product status of multiple products.

  • Select the products you want to change the status on. 
  • Click on the Change status option, and select the status you want to update products to. 

  • You will get feedback on the status of the bulk update.

Please note: You can update products with different product statuses. 

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Bulk export

  • Select the products you want to export
  • Click on the Export option; a pop-up will appear. 
  • Enter the export file name and context, and choose the format (CSV/XLSX).

  • Click Generate file button to export, then download the file or download it later from Import and export.

  • To download the export, navigate to Import and export, hover over the file, click the more options button, then Download the file.

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Edit categories 
  • Select the products you want to re-assign categories on. 
  • Click on the Edit categories option; the existing categories will be shown with a dash icon, and new updates will be shown with a checkmark.
  • Click on Save Changes to update the changes to the selected products. 

Tip! If you have multiple catalogs structures for different consuming channels, products can be in multiple catalogs. 

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Edit Attributes

It is possible to change several attributes of multiple products simultaneously, including adding new attributes,  removing attributes, and changing the attribute values.

  • The attributes are separated into two groups:
    • attributes shared by all of the selected products
    • attributes that are only shared by some of the products

  • Select the products you want to edit attributes on. 
  • Click on the Edit attributes option and the arrow to show which products are selected.

Tip! Bulk updating attributes are helpful for products that contain the same attributes or the same values. 

  • Click the  icon to remove an attribute. This field will turn red; you can undo the action by clicking the arrow. 
  • Click on the  icon in the right corner to add an attribute. The added field will turn green. 
  • Hover over the attribute information field to edit the value inline. The changed field will turn yellow; undo the action by clicking the arrow. 

  • Click on Ok to save the attribute changes. 

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Create variant group

  • Click on the Check icon, and select the single products you want to add to a new variant group.
  • Then click on Create variant group.

  • Enter a Group Name and number, then click Save.

  • Then the products are changed from singles to variants in a variant group.

  • The variant group will also show in the product grid. 

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Add product labels

  • Click on the Check icon, and select the single products you want to add labels to. 
  • Then click on Add labels.

  • Enter a new Label or choose an existing label. Then click Ok.

Tip! Product labels are efficient to filter while working on a specific product type. 

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Add Task

  • Click on the Check icon, and select the products you want to link to a new task.
  • Then click on Add task

  • Enter a name, assignee, description, context, due date, and type of task. 
  • Then click Link to the new task, and the task will be linked to the products.

  • Find the task on each product panel in the Tasks tab or Tasks in the menu. 

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