Manage and create views

You can manage and create views if you have System Admin, PIM Admin, PIM Read, or PIM write permissions in your Bluestone PIM account. 

Tip! A view includes your current filter and category selection. 

  • In your Bluestone PIM account, click the Products icon, choose your category, then click on the Filters tab.

  • Filter on your preferences, and click Apply Filters.
  • In the upper left corner, click Save View, creating a new or updating an existing view. 
  • Enter a View name and choose to keep the view private, share it with selected users or make it accessible. 

  • You can choose to set the view as default, then click Save

  • Click on the Views tab to see all views. 

  • To edit the view, hover over the view name, then click on the More icon

  • As an owner of the view, you can Share, Rename or Delete the view selected. 

Please note: Views made by other users can only be set as your default view; you cannot edit the view. If you are a system administrator, you can delete any public saved view within your organization by enabling the 'Delete' function for all public saved views.

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