Navigate your main menu

If you have System Admin permissions in your Bluestone PIM account, you can customize your menu bar in Settings.

The main navigation menu is the left panel when you enter the PIM. To see the category names hover over the icons. If you click: 

  • Dashboard, you can get an overview of your product data with different widgets. 
  • Search, you can easily find your products.

You can personalize the next section of the navigation menu by rearranging the order of the items. 

  • Products, you can quickly start to enrich your products. 

The expanded section of the menu is Other, where you can find all your active plugins. If you click:

  • Notifications, you get notified about events that have occurred in PIM. 
  • Settings, where you can set up and configure key aspects of Bluestone PIM.
  • Help, you can send feedback, report bugs, find the user manual and get Support. 
  • User Profile, you can edit your profile and log out of PIM. 

Please note: Every user has different permissions in their account, and not every part of PIM will be available for every user.