Working with bundles

Bundle products consist of multiple linked products and have a separate tab for managing the bundled products.

If your Bluestone PIM account has PIM Write, PIM Admin, or System Admin permissions, you can work with bundle products. 

  • Click the Products icon in the left main navigation bar.
  • Click on the Bundle product type, then navigate to the Bundle tab. 
  • Click on the Add product (plus icon or a button)


  • Select the product you want to add to the bundle product


Important note: bundles cannot include other bundles; they won't be displayed in the list for selection.

  • You can review the selected product and update the quantity for the product to bundle by clicking on the Review button from the select product page.


  • Then, click the Save button to finish adding the product to the bundle.


  • The product is added to the bundle.
    • To rearrange the order of products using drag & drop on the up-down icon
    • To remove the product from the bundle, hover and click on the Remove icon. A confirmation popup will be displayed.


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