Assets Panel


The Asset Panel is a powerful tool for efficient asset management. It provides a comprehensive overview of assets, allowing users to view and edit details, add versions, preview, download, duplicate, and assign assets to products and categories. Users can also manage different versions, view version history, and download specific versions. The Asset Panel enhances productivity and streamlines asset organization.

Role Access (Managed roles):
System Admin, PIM Admin, PIM Write, DAM Read, or DAM Write.

Read more about access management here.

Assets Panel

The assets panel has standard multiple tabs, which consist of four tabs, as shown in the image below;  

  • Click the Assets icon in the left main navigation bar.
  • Click on the Assets, and then the assets panel is shown.



The details tab shows all information about assets as follows; 


  • Name – a name of the asset
  • Added on – a date when a media file is added
  • Added by – a user who added an asset
  • Description – a description of this asset
  • Labels – a list of labels that are related to this asset
  • Availability – a set of assets states (3 states)
    • Publicalways available for publishing in channels
    • Automaticbecomes public after the linked object is published (default state when an asset is added to the DAM)
    • Internal never available for publishing in channels
  • Original file name – an original file name of assets
  • File type – a type of this asset
  • File size – the size of this asset
  • Width – width of this asset
  • Height – the height of this asset

More options for the assets are in the details tab

There are multiple shortcuts for asset options as follow; 


Add version

Let you add a new version of the assets instead of accessing the version history tab, please find more information in the Version history


Open a large asset for a preview



Let you download assets similar to the download asset version, please find more information in the Download assets version.


Allow you to duplicate assets, and it duplicates as Cloned.


Copy public and static link

These two options will be active and can be copied once the asset is set as Public.



The option to delete the asset will only be active if the asset's Availability-value is set to Internal or Automatic. If the value is Public it will not be possible to delete the asset.



  • Click on Add to product (plus icon) to assign assets to the products


  • Select a product from the category or filter product will appear to filter which product will be added to selected assets.
  • Assign the product to a selected asset using the checkbox and click on the Save button.


Tips! You can view the list of selected products added to the asset by clicking on the Review button.

  • Here is the list of linked products to selected media assets



Add assets to selected categories

  • Click on Add to categories (plus icon), and the category structure will appear.


  •  Checkbox on selected categories, and click on the Save changes button


  • Here is the list of linked categories to selected assets



The list of all assets versions will be listed in this tab to handle versions of assets.

  • Click on Add new version (plus icon), and the popup box to add a new version of assets will display at the center of the screen.


  • You can either drop files to the provided area or click the Select file button to choose files.
  • When the files are already uploaded, their NameDescriptionLabel, and Internal can be adjusted, and click OK.


Note that each uploaded assets file must not exceed 128 MB.

  • The new asset version will be added to the asset library with the tag version as Current, and the previous asset will be listed as version history.


Download assets version

To download a selected version of assets.
  • Click on More options (3 dots icon), and select Download


Restore assets version

To roll back a selected previous asset version

  • Click on More options (3 dots icon) and click on Restore


  • After the rollback, the selected previous version of assets will be marked as a new version with the tag Current version