Configure Completeness Requirements

A completeness requirement defines what should be present on a product. You can create and apply multiple conditions to all products or categories. The score is a percentage, giving a quick overview of where product information is missing. 

Category and product completeness score

The completeness score shows how complete your product information is based on user-configurable requirements. It will be visible in the category panel, product grid, and product completeness requirement tab.

Percentage calculation


The completeness percentage calculation will update the total while you work with the product. Only missing data will be present after updating the product. 

The percentage calculated by Requirement met X 100 / Requirement set.
  • The example illustrates that there are six requirements added to the product. As you can see, the product meets 4 of these requirements, so the completeness score will be 67%



Completeness in categories

The completeness score can display the completeness score on the categories panel and the percentage of completeness score for categories based on an average number of products.

  • On the category panel, click on Manage categories (Gear icon )
  • Turn on Show completeness score
  • It will show the category's percentage of completeness score next to the category name.


Please note that if there are no products in the categories, it will not display the completeness score.

Completeness in the product grid

The completeness score can display on the product grid as a column. 

  • On the product grid panel, select Column setup 
  • Use column setup and the selected column Score to configure which columns are visible in the product grid.


Completeness in the product tab

The completeness score will display the score on a product tab. 

  • On the product detail panel
  • Click on the Product issues (Exclamation mark)
  • Then select the Completeness requirements tab



Requirements status by category

One of the benefits of product completeness is that you can see the completeness requirement status on the product tab.

Separate into the group of completeness requirements; 
  • The global requirements are the completeness requirement for All products.
  • The other group is the completeness requirement for Specific catalogs and categories.